Welcome to our R2-KT dedication page. I've teamed up with Albin Johnson to create this page. Albin is the founder of the 501st, and most importantly, Katie's dad. Some of the content and images here are used with his permission.

Albin's daughter Katie was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004. The news was both devastating and ironic, as Albin had founded the 501st, which often raised money for charities, and visited ill children in hospitals to help raise their spirits. Katie's sister had the idea that it would be cool if Katie had an Astromech to watch over her similar to the way R2-D2 looked over Padme in Star Wars : Attack of the Clones. She also suggested they paint it pink, and name it R2-KT in honor of Katie. An idea was born!

Albin soon joined the R2 Builders Club and once they heard of Albin's plan they took it upon themsleves to build it for Albin with donated parts, time and effort. R2-KT was created in 2005 by master droid builder, Jerry Greene.

R2-KT's Mission
R2-KT's mission is to entertain children, raise awareness of pediatric cancer, and raise money for such charities as Make-A-Wish and Children's Cancer Fund. Her allies include the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming club, Zig the Pig (mascot for the Children's Chance) and the Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital. If you live in the Southeastern US and would like to have R2-KT appear in your area, please contact her friend, Albin Johnson, at albin@albinjohnson.com.

R2-KT Becomes An Action Figure!
Hasbro notified Albin in early 2007 to say that they had heard of R2-KT and wanted to make an official action figure of her. The figure would be a limited edition toy available only at San Diego Comic Con and online at select websites. All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a projected benefit of over $100,000 to be raised from sales. On May 25, exactly thirty years to the day since Star Wars was first released in theaters, Hasbro officially announced news of the figure at Celebration IV the largest Star Wars covention ever held in Los Angeles, California. Click here to visit Rebelscum.com's coverage of the event, including video. Below are some pre-production shots from the factory in China, enjoy!

R2-KT Pre-Production Assembly

Left Leg: Assembly, the Ultra Sonic Weld, and Gluing the Tube

Right Leg: Assembly, the Ultra Sonic Weld, and Gluing the Tube

Center Leg: Assembly, the Ultra Sonic Weld, Assembling the Base with Wheel, and the Ultra Sonic Weld of Base with Wheel

Assembling the Torso, Ultra Sonic Weld of the Torso, and Screwing the Axis into the Body

Assembling the Clutch, Head Parts, and the Head itself, then the Ultra Sonic Weld of the Head

Coating for Hot Seal, Attaching the PVC Sheet, and Heat Sealing the PVC Sheet

Fixing the Figure, Fixing the Figure into the Blister, and Assembling the Insert.