Custom R2-D2 Drink Dispenser
Posted by Dustin on September 10, 2012 at 03:52 PM CST:

I love Star Wars fans who use their imagination! Here we have a group of fans who have created their very own R2-D2 drink dispenser using a few commonly found items. Check the details below and then watch the video to see this custom astromech in action!

From Instructibles.com: "Our motivation for this project came from our groupís communal love for arguably the best series known to mankind, Star Wars. When we first brainstormed the idea, we didnít know what we wanted to do, we just knew that it would have a Star Wars theme somehow incorporated. When we found the electronic super soaker pistol, we knew that it was the perfect toy to modify. We were able to break apart its pieces to adjust the water valve it utilized to create a beverage dispenser. We were able to upscale an old protein shake, some Styrofoam pieces, and cardboard to create the body of our favorite droid, R2D2. Overall our creation is a DIY novelty item that any fanboy or fangirl can incorporate into their everyday life."

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