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UPDATED! Single Packed Galactic Heroes With Trading Card
Posted by Dustin on April 22, 2009 at 09:20 AM CST:

There actually isn't anything special about this Galactic Heroes R2-D2 figure. However the packaging, and inclusion of a trading card make it a unique collectible. As I mentioned in the teaser for this story, I acquired this via Matt B. in the U.K. who told me he had to import them from Spain. I'm not sure how many come in a case, I'd imagine 24 or 36? They're meant as a check out display similar to trading cards as shown here at Rebelscum.com.

Before I opened it up I could feel the R2-D2 shape through the baggie, so finding the one you want should be no problem, unless its a clone. The contents include one R2-D2 Galactic Hero, one trading card, one promo pamphlet, and some warnings in multiple languages on a separate piece of paper.

The trading card is great, but the image could be larger. Mine was also a little dinged up from Artoo banging up against it within the packaging. The back of the cards can be put together to form one giant Galactic Heroes poster of sorts. Gives you a good reason to collect them all! Overall I really dig this alternate angle to re-marketing these little buggers. I'm hoping they show up in the United States soon, I'd love to buy a case! Enjoy the photos!

UPDATE: Just got this email update from Jan V. in Belgium...

"Just wanted to let you know the single bagged galactic heroes with trading card have appeared here in belgium as well. Looks like no changes have been made. Everything is still in spanish/italian. according to the box there are 24 to collect. They're selling 'em for 1 euro each over here, which I thought was surprisingly cheap seeing as the 2 packs go for as mus as 6 to 7 euros..."

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