Celebration IV Exclusive Action Figure Includes R2-D2
Posted by Dustin on April 28, 2007 at 06:23 AM CST:

I cannot believe I forgot to post this news here. I've been super busy with a few other things lately. I'm one of the lead Content Managers for both TheForce.net & Rebelscum.com, Forum Admin for the Rebelscum Forums and OSWCC.com Forums, plus Program Director for the offcial podcast for both Rebelscum.com and theForce.net, The Force-Cast! Plus I'm gearing up for Celebration IV in L.A. where I'll be on two collector panels. One for Character Focused Collecting and one for Collecting Clubs ( I'm representing OSWCC ). I'm also going to be helping out with Official Pix in the autograph hall. Maybe I'll bump into you around the show as I'm handing out freebies from Rebslscum.com and TheForce.net. Or if you want to get up early, I'll be attending two Fan Club Breakfasts as Official Star Wars Fan Club President!

So enough with the plugs, I'm onto the news!

From Starwars.com: "The action figure exclusive for Star Wars Celebration IV and Star Wars Celebration Europe will give fans not one, but two super-collectible figures that never before have been available anywhere. Modeled after artist Ralph McQuarrie's original concept illustrations for beloved droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, the figures celebrate the 30-year legacy of the Star Wars saga as well as the creative, guiding vision of McQuarrie, whose drawings helped George Lucas convince studio directors to back the very first Star Wars movie.

Collectors, and fans of the bickering droid twosome, will not want to miss the opportunity to pick up this limited edition pair in either one or both of their variant editions while supplies last. First chance comes at the Celebration IV Store, May 24 -- 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. These figures will be packaged with their exclusive Celebration IV backer card and a commemorative coin, and are exclusively for sale at the initial retail price only at Star Wars Celebration IV. The special coin will have a Celebration IV logo on one side.

The second chance comes at the Celebration Europe Store at the ExCeL exhibition center in London July 13-15. The figures will be packaged with a special Celebration Europe backer card and a different commemorative coin with the Celebration Europe logo on one side. Here's your chance to beat the online scalpers and get one or both of these variant packages and coins at the retail price. Quantities will be limited at both events. McQuarrie's early production illustrations of C-3PO drew inspiration from the golden android in Fritz Lang's Metropolis. In initial drawings for R2-D2, the plucky droid displayed flexible, exterior claws that would later become a number of handy attachments hidden inside Artoo's more streamlined exterior. Very early story treatments featured the bickering droids on the Imperial side of the conflict, but they evolved to become tenacious, if unlikely, Rebel heroes. McQuarrie's first painting of the droids was one of five pieces of art shown to the Twentieth Century Fox board of directors prior to their approving the initial budget for what was then called "The Star Wars."

Click here for the full report!

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