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Vintage R2-D2 Mold For The Roman Ceramics Cookie Jar
Posted by Bryan on November 11, 2008 at 06:27 PM CST:

This is a vintage master mold for the ceramic R2-D2 cookie jar by Roman Ceramics released in 1977. Vintage molds are extremely rare to come by and this piece, acquired through a sale of Roman Ceramics molds a few years ago, is no exception.

It should be noted that caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) is always in effect for vintage prototypes but especially ceramic molds. The ceramics prototype and overall creation process is still to this day something that can be done by the human hands using readily found materials and various ceramics bootlegs, including molds, have surfaced throughout the years. It is therefore extremely important to have an iron clad provenance with any ceramic prototypes.

This mold is classified as a master mold and is from the earliest part of the creation process. The original sculpted piece (using wood or modelers clay) was likely used to cast this mold. Master molds had a short production life as they were only used to produce a few copies of the original sculpted piece. The subsequent copies were then used for the rest of the creation process. This mold lacks copyright information which would have been engraved in future molds. The outside of the molds have various internal notes and numbers and exhibit the wear one would expect with a 30+ year old collectible.

And, yes, the molds are as heavy as they look!

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